Thursday, August 28, 2008

Searching for facts and moving onwards

The blogs of the participants are there. Please go and check them. One good one is the site of Mary Lupamba, a young news reporter from the TBC, the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation. The style is relaxed, observations witty and sharp. One funny characteristic is that, so far, every time I’ve reached the site the design has been renewed.

Others have added to their blogs some issues of their particular interest, like Clouds FM sports producer Alex Luambano picking up from English papers the latest news stories on European football. Or Millard Ayo, who runs a weekend show on Radio One, listing his own Top 5 Music Chart at the moment.

If you want a complete report of almost all the topics we have covered in the workshop so far, I would recommend the site of Flora Rugashoborola, assistant news editor of Star TV at the Mwanza headquarters. It's all there.

Links to all the blogs are listed on the right. Most participants have also added links to their colleagues' blogs.

In addition to the blogs, we’ve now done quite some practical internet searching, starting from finding simple facts like names of capitals and contact information, and ending up writing stories on human rights problems in China, effects of the climate change on Mount Kilimanjaro, or reasons for the international boycott against products of the NestlĂ© company, the world market leader of powdered baby milks.

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