Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dangers of copy-pasting

Might be that some simple copy-pasting was applied, though I underlined that one shouldn't do it. It's bad journalism, and in some cases it could be illegal.

Anyway, posts on this afternoon's assignments have now appeared on the participants' sites.

Timothy Kitundu, head of the business desk of The Express newspaper, writes a good story about EPA's, the so called Economic Partnership Agreements, which in the name of free trade might destroy the economies of African countries.

Daniel Semberya, senior reporter at Business Times, was the only one who chose to write about Nestlé, adding also some own views on the difficulties some working mothers in Tanzania might have in breastfeeding their babies.

No-one wanted to write about the crisis in Darfur, based on an essay by the Ugandan Prof Mahmood Mamdani published in the London Review of Books. Here's a link to that essay. It's very good and can change our perceptions on what's going on behind the campaigning for Darfur.

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