Friday, August 29, 2008

Last postings so far

Dear friends, postings from the last day of the workshop have arrived. The participants were free to write whatever they wanted, and here's some examples.

Amina and Flora are writing against the evils of plagiarism and reminding their peers not to enter the nasty world of picking someone else's fruits and claim they're yours. I was ranting a bit about the issue earlier this afternoon.

Mary is commenting on blogging and the need for bloggers also to be ethical and not to slander on others.

Halima is giving a cosy picture of the whole workshop, which I believe all of us agree with. It has been a nice and fruitful week, also from the trainer's point of view.

Thanks to all participants for being so enthusiastic even though days have been long. A great thank to Maggid for joining us today. A good report of Maggid's session can be read in Timothy's blog.

Thanks also to Cecilia, Rose and the whole MISA office for smooth arrangements. Thanks for the TGDLC catering section for good food and tea and sambuzi which kept us going.

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